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I have been in the business for 14 years and had the pleasure of working with a real professional, someone that helped to make the transaction smooth & easy, that someone was Jared West!

THANK YOU for helping to make a memorable sale for our clients!

Brandi J. Newland

Jared is a very authentic person.

He genuinely gets excited seeing your dreams come true.

Howard Heston

There's a reason why you hire professionals.

The advise and knowledge a professional realtor has to offer is worth the investment. None better!

Donte Price

Over the course of two years, Jared has been our realtor.

Through countless showings, running around, hectic schedules, canceled appointments, and everything else in between... Jared has been much more than just a realtor; he has turned into a friend. Finding a house is extremely hard in this economy. Jared went above and beyond in helping us find our first home. I couldn’t imagine the countless hours and effort he put into helping us. It’s refreshing to find someone with a true passion for their career. You can surely tell he genuinely cares about you and is wanting you to find a home you’ll truly love. I couldn’t recommend Jared West enough. He comes with amazing passion, expertise, and personality. He’ll search with you not only with determination, but with effort that isn’t seen in the workforce today. He truly is a man of great value in today’s world. If only every other realtor could be like Jared, this world would be full of happy homeowners.

Honey Mae Nihiser

Jared has been extremely helpful, patient and kind from beginning to end during my home buying experience!

His expertise of the real estate sector made my experience easy in a competitive market, and I am beyond happy with my purchase. I’d recommend Jared to any homebuyer without hesitation.

Naya Revere

Jared is truly kind at heart.

He does his job with such dedication because at the heart of who he is as a person, he really cares about others and, as a result, he finds joy in making their dreams of home ownership come true :) Not only is he hard working and dedicated, but he is so friendly and down to earth. You will definitely have the best of both worlds with West of Your Life :)

Tiffany Burt

Enjoyed having him as our agent!

Would recommend him to family and friends!

Carolyn Gergen

Jared is an amazing person and an even better realtor.

He's super knowledgable. I highly recommend him for everything real estate.

Faith Gibson

This guy sold my home and found me a new home in record speed.

I’m so glad to have found a realtor that actually answered my phone calls. It’s a nerve racking time when your moving and it really helps when you can find someone to answer your call and questions. If he didn’t answer I knew he would be calling me back within a few minutes. The guy busted his butt to make me feel important and to let me know he’s working hard for me. I hope I don’t move again but if I do I’m definitely calling him back.

Mike Ridener

Jared truly is a one in a million agent.

He was both my agent for the sale of my home and purchase of another home located some 90 miles away. What was already a complicated transaction with closings, details, etc. soon became very complex and challenging beyond the normal and expected issues. There were many unforeseen complications that arose for him at every turn and he was there to advocate on my behalf every step of the process. He has an amazing ability to maneuver through the layers of big unresponsive banks to get results. The value of that is priceless. He did an excellent job on finding and negotiating on my behalf a very fair deal for all parties involved and I could not be more happy with his services. Beyond that, he is kind, truly caring, ethical and moral. Highly recommend; superb.

Joy Clawson

There's a reason why you hire professionals.

The advise and knowledge a professional realtor has to offer is worth the investment. None better!

Donte Price

Jared was knowledgeable and efficient!

He was friendly. Was quick to respond to my messages. Cared about us as customers. We would definitely use him again.

Connie Wollam

Jared is professional and knowledgeable.

I was nothing but impressed with the experience I had working with him in buying my dream home and selling my condo. I highly recommend Jared if you are looking for a real estate agent.

Cindy Lepley

Jared was friendly and know his stuff.

It was a pleasure to work with him. During our search he is able to have our budget in mind while reaching for criteria we want for a house. Buying a house can be a stressful experience, mortgage, logistics, paperwork etc, Jared was there every steps of the way. He is also very resourceful when it comes to social network, and help connect us to plumbers, handy men, security system in case we need them. Go with Jared, you can rely on him.

Yan Wang

Jared was amazing in helping my fiancé and I find our first home!

He was always available to answer questions, meet to show us houses, and made the process less intimidating for us! Thank you so much Jared!

Abbie Bowmaster

"In your case there were multiple offers similar to yours, the reason we chose your offer was because Jared called me and sold me on you.

That is why we chose your offer."

John Jacobus

Jared never stopped working to help us sell our home and help us buy a new one.

He worked tirelessly and has a fantastic personality. He really did right by us and I recommend him highly!

Kim Hancock

Working with Jared was a great experience!

He was always there for us during each and every step of the process. We could not have asked for a better person to help us find our first home.

Ashley Stottsberry

Jared is really easy to work with.

He is friendly and a very hard worker. He met us for several months the day houses went on the market. He always made time for us to look. He made buying a house easy and smooth. He was very helpful in both buying and selling our homes.

Lauren Dailey

Jared is the best, hands down!

! Explained every step of the way, made this process so easy. It’s never an easy task selling your first home but with Jared’s help it was a seamless process from start to finish.

Ambera Hodge

You know the meme that no one can buy a house in today’s market especially millennials?

Well thanks to Jared, we did not have to live that meme. This man is a mythical legend in the realtor business, and got me and my wife into our first home on the second (!!!) offer. This man’s knowledge of the housing market, the in’s and out’s, and just the overall attitude will make you go from “we’re just looking at houses” to “damn, we’re closing next week!” Seriously, don’t waste your time looking at other realtors. This guy is the real deal.

Josh Puccetti

Great Experience buy my home!

Jared West, was so helpful in allowing me to buy this home from a distance. Keeping me up-to-date on all deadlines. I recommend, Jared West at e-Merge if you buying or selling your home.

Sally Jo Wood

Jared West was great and I’m glad he was able to share this journey with me!

He was very knowledgeable, professional and always readily available when I needed him to be. It’s hard to put trust and faith in people in today’s world, but Jared was able to earn mine with ease. Thanks again Jared!

Amy Walls

Jared was great, I’d feel extremely comfortable referring friends and family to Jared knowing they’d be in good, capable hands.

Jared was great to work with. We are first time homebuyers so not able to compare to other experiences. We’d be happy and excited to work with Jared again.

Joe Miller

I’ve worked in mortgages for 20 years.

Jared is one of the best agents I have worked with in that time. Very good, informative, communicative and has a great love for his career. I highly recommend him!

Jarrod Singleton

I expected this process to be hard from beginning to end, but with Jared it was a breeze!

He listened to our wants in a home and when a hour of leaving his office we had a list of homes sent to us. He noted the things we liked in certain homes we looked at and then expanded his search based on his observations. He is a natural businessman and I won’t trust anyone else to help me buy a home

Kyle Bonham

Jared provided an excellent experience for a first time home buyer.

He was able to answer questions and guide me through the process. He even sent pizza on my moving day.

Marc Nicholas

Our experience with Jared started with a recommendation from a friend on Facebook.

My husband and I were dreaming of owning a home, but we had no idea if we were ready or what to do first. We had started the process of improving our credit scores but hadn't seen a huge increase yet. When we first met with Jared, we told him our situation and he was very encouraging about the steps we had made. Even though we weren't officially ready, he took us to see some houses to get us excited and get an idea of what we liked. He then backed off a little and let us continue working to improve our credit score, all the while staying in touch and encouraging us on our journey. He also stayed in touch with our loan officer and the minute we were ready, he reached out excitedly and took us to a bunch of houses that were exactly our style! Every time we looked at a house, you could tell that his wheels were turning as he paid attention to the things we did and didn't like as well as thought about all the details on his end. At one point in our search, we got very frustrated with the market and the process and he very calmly talked us through it... which was a huge blessing because we were ready to throw in the towel, but with his leadership, we found our perfect house just two days later! On our final walk through, my husband and I were dancing around the house like it was Christmas morning and he just watched us with joy all over his face and said, "This is my favorite part!" Jared is a wonderful person who took the time to get to know our family. He took our hands and led us through a process we knew NOTHING about in a way that made us feel safe. Because of his attention to detail, patience, and knowledge of all the factors that go into buying a house; we were able to buy and move into our first house just in time for Christmas! If you're reading this, I highly recommend you reach out to Jared... you won't be disappointed!

Jessica Bonham

As a first-time home seller, Jared did a great job of making sure we knew what was going on and when.

William Richardson

It was an all around great experience working with Jared.

Fast, efficient and helpful. He found me what I was looking for, answered all questions and helped me with any information I needed to find. I highly recommend.

Michelle Pentecost

Jared is great to work with.

He truly cares about his clients. He has been extremely helpful throughout my house buying process. I highly recommend him.

Ian McCord

Jared showed all different kinds of houses for us to narrow down our choice.

We had a short time frame to find a home and he helped us do just that. We are beyond thrilled of the house we chose and appreciate everything Jared had done for us. Would recommend him to anyone house hunting!

Natalie Mustard

Jared is amazing.

You can tell he truly cares about people and is out for your best interest. He was very helpful and researched my surrounding area for market values and educated me on how the whole process works. He was very patient and took the time to explain things in full detail. 2nd to none.

Eric Brockman

If you're looking for someone who is diligent and hardworking, Jared West is the one!

He will listen to all of your needs and do everything he can to meet your expectations. He's 100% client focused and genuinely cares. If you're in the market, or even just thinking of buying or selling a home, give Jared a call. You won't be disappointed!

Stephanie King

Very knowledgeable and friendly

Tara Laudick Gulker

I was referred to Jared from Christian Foote at Revolution Mortgage when I first applied for a loan.

Christian said Jared was a great realtor, and I would not be unhappy with him. He was most certainly correct about Jared. Jared called me later the same day that Christian sent him my contact info and we were off and running with house hunting. It only took me 2 days to find the perfect house! Jared was excellent in helping me find what I was looking for and in my price range. He was also excellent in keeping me informed and giving me pep talks to keep me from going crazy during the underwriting process. If I were to ever buy/sell a home, I would most definitely use Jared West. I will also recommend him to anyone looking to buy/sell a home!!

Michelle Fraelich

When my wife and I first met Jared West it was through an open house.

As my family walked through the home I was telling Jared all of the things we were looking for in a house. As the conversation broadened and Jared began to bring things to our attention we had not thought about in the previous homes, we decided Jared was the guy we wanted to represent us in finding our next home. His honesty, knowledge, hard work ethic and transparency made the decision of working with him a very easy one. At that point, we had worked with four other realtors, walked through 60 houses in just under 4 months and still did not have our home. Though we did not decide to buy the house after the showing, just 1 week of working with Jared, we put in an offer on a different home and closed 30 days later. The operation was how I expected it should be but Jared was the only realtor that could actually bring it home. Not only did our family get a new home but we gained a new friend in the process. The personal details, unlimited access and willingness to go to whatever lengths necessary to get you into a home that fits your families needs is what my experience was like. If you are in the market to buy, Jared West / E-Merge is who you want to do business with.

Steven Sayre

Jared was great and made buying our first home a breeze!

Always responsive and really helpful every step of the way!! Was available next day after meeting to show us 5 different homes all around town and get us the house we wanted under asking price!

David Atwell

Jared is knowledgeable and personable and is always looking out for the best interests of his clients.

He takes the stress out of home buying!

Melissa Ens

Jared was so awesome and helped us find our first home!

Answered any questions we had a helped us through the process. Would recommend to anyone in Columbus area!

Nicole Comperatore

Jared West was a GOD SEND.

He made this entire process easy and less stressful for us. He was extremely knowledgable ..and so kind to us...that he feels like family. It never felt like he was trying to think only of himself..he was genuinely looking out for his customers..he knew so much ...the process from beginning to end. When we started looking ..o got so many calls from others..my neighbor told me about their realtor. I told my husband about my conversations with Jared and he said ok..we are ready..give him a call. Now that we have found the house..I was sad..because I will miss Jared and the hunt for the house lol. When we sell our current home..Jared will be the one to sell it for us... I hope you guys realize what a gem you have in Mr West. He is a people person. He is extremely knowledgeable. And he is customer oriented.

Maria Czyrnik

Jared was always there to answer questions and definitely made us comfortable for our first time home buying process!

Very thankful for Jared!! Will recommend Jared to anyone looking for a local realtor.

Emily Herman

Jared West was an excellent agent during my home buying process.

He is extremely knowledgeable and a valuable asset in our competitive market. What makes Jared stand out compared to other brokers is that he takes the time to really engage his customers and focuses on building a broker-client relationship. I would recommend Jared to anyone looking for an agent without hesitation. He truly made buying a house fun!

Past Client

Jared was impressive from our first meeting until the day that I signed the documents to sell my house.

He was knowledgeable and gave me great advice in order to get the most out of my house when I was listing it. He was also available and responsive whenever I needed him. I appreciated everything that he did and for the smooth process. I would definitely recommend him!

Ashley Selva

Jared is very personable and always makes you feel at home!

Heather Klein

From selling our 1st home to buying what may be our forever home, Jared was awesome!

With such a competitive market right now, he made sure we were taken care of every step of the way. His go-getter attitude, knowledge and just overall fun spirit made our selling/buying experience amazing! Thanks Jared!

Sherry Etheridge

Jared was a pleasure to work with.

Anytime I had an question about a property he would get back to me immediately. He made looking for a house painless. It was a great experience working with Jared and I highly recommend him. The next time I'm in the market to buy he will be my first call. Thank Jared for working so hard on my behalf.

Donna Kelly, Producer, House Hunters

Jared, Jared, Jared!

Very personalized, organized and familiarized with everything! He knows his houses and can explain things to help you understand! Use him, use him use him! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Dariane Reynolds

Jared was the best realtor that we could've asked for.

He knew exactly what he was doing and did it efficiently and professionally. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again!

Shawn Harris

He does everything possible to get your house sold and find you your new house.

He is very knowledgeable and always looks out for your best interests. 5/5

Matt Pick

Jared is honestly the best at what he does!

My home buying process took place when inventory was low so multiple offers and negotiating added a little more stress to the process but Jared helped in so many ways! He truly advocates for his clients and wants you to make the best and smartest decision. He is very personable and treats his clients like family. He responds very quickly and was ready and willing to work with my schedule when scheduling showings. You will not be disappointed with Jared as your realtor!

Parise Callahan

Jared has been so helpful throughout the whole process of finding and buying a house.

We went through 3 other realtors who made a great argument as to why we should choose them, but when the time came to deliver they were a disappointment. We were passed off to incompetent assistants who took us to see houses that checked none of our boxes. Jared actually took the time to get to know our family and what we were looking for in a home. He listened to our needs and our wants and only sent homes to look at that fit the mold of what we wanted. Our home buying process became stress free because we were no longer doing the work we had to do with our previous realtor. He was there when we needed to get in touch and he showed up every time. We walked through houses and talked about what we would change or add on and he talked about his list of vendors and how he knew the perfect guy for the job when the time came to make those changes. When we closed on our house Jared sent us checklists and explained the whole closing process. He made it so easy. He even bought us pizza on moving day! I highly recommend Jared! Thank you for understanding us and delivering exactly what we wanted. You are such a wonderful person and a fantastic realtor!

Danielle Sayre

Jared did a great job finding houses we liked and when we found one and went into contract he was there for us anytime for questions we had.

Would highly recommend!

Lacey Rinderle

Jared was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful for us first time home buyers!

He was wonderful about letting us get first insight into new homes listed, which is what helped is to get our home!

Alyssa Petsche

"We met Jared at an open house he was hosting.

We got to talking and he seemed genuinely interested in helping us find a home, much more so than anyone else we had talked to. He was super flexible and helped us out a lot with scheduling showings and getting things done. Jared was there every step of the way by text or phone. He made things as easy as possible and really wanted to see things go well. We are very happy we chose to work with him and we will use him again when needed and absolutely refer him to others. "

Ben Leonard and Carmen Bowden

We were working with a different agent that did not perform up to our expectations.

We reached out to Jared and informed him that we were moving out of the state and needed our house sold immediately. Jared took over the listing and had the home in contract (at full ask) in less than 10 days!

Mark Price

After months of searching for our perfect home, and having already worked with 2 other real estate agents, we wanted to give up.

After speaking with Jared, he helped focus our energy and land our dream home. He was able to negotiate a great price, while keeping us fully informed throughout the entire process. We cannot than you enough!

Ed Ward

Jared was great to work with!

He is knowledgeable, professional and an overall nice person. He was always quick to respond with any questions we had. He solved problems along the way and was very resourceful with a long list of contacts for every job that needed done. We feel lucky to have had him as our realtor as first time home buyer’s.

Tabatha Minton

As a first time home seller Jared did a great job of making sure we knew what was going on and when.

He made sure everything went smoothly and we could continue on with our life during the process

William Richardson

Jared is an amazing guy!

He will work hard for you and is always willing to help. He has an eye for design too. You need to find a new home? Jared is the man to go to!

Stacy Croft

Jared provide outstanding services at all stages of the property purchase starting from selection to the closing ratification.

Would definitely recommend him for all my friends and family.

Vagif Tariverdiyev

I know from personal experience how stressful buying or selling a home can be.

If you want to work with someone who is down to earth, honest, compassionate and professional, I would not hesitate to recommend Jared. I’ve known this young man for a long time and I know he will do his best for you. You will thoroughly enjoy working with him.

June Belanger

Jared is a very hard working agent who is always looking out for the best interests of his clients.

I highly recommend him for both buyers and sellers.

Khash Saghafi

I have know Jared his whole life and I can honestly say that he is kind, caring and has integrity.

He would be a great choice to guide you through the daunting home buying process.

Nicole Cummings

Jared was personable and professional and showed us homes in our price range that were very applicable to our family's needs.

He sold our house in under a day and we were able to purchase a new house within a week.

Noah Davidson

Jared is an amazing man, he was kind, helpful and eager to listen to my husband and I.

My husband and I enjoyed working with him. He was easy to talk to and always had our best interest at heart. He has become a friend. I highly recommend him.

Hanna McCord
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"After months of searching for our perfect home, and having already worked with 2 other real estate agents, we wanted to give up. After speaking with Jared, he helped focus our energy and land our dream ... more "
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